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Guildhall FAQ

Guildhall FAQ

  • Q: What is an 'Endorsement'?
  • A: An endorsement is any change that needs to be made to an insurance policy. For example, if you wanted to add (or remove) a new item of jewelry to your existiing household insurance policy, this would count as an endorsement. Such changes may raise or lower your insurance premium.
  • Q: Can I get buy insurance through the website?
  • A: Yes you can! Choose the type of insurance you are looking for and complete the proposal form to get an instant, no obligation quote. If you like the price, click on 'Buy' to purchase the insurance. Nice and simple!
  • Q: Who are Guildhall Insurance Brokers?
  • A: Guildhall Insurance Brokers is a trading name of Guildlhall Brokers and Consulants.
  • Q: How long have you been in brokering insurance services?
  • A: Since 1963.